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Review: Flav Drops – Are they really as amazing as everyone says!?

A few months ago sent me 4 bottles of the Myprotein Flav Drops to try! I was really curious about them, because everyone seemed to love them! I saw a lot people putting them in their oatmeal or coffee! As I’m a big oatmeal and coffee junky I thought this could be perfect for me as well! So I firstly ordered 2 bottles on my own (vanilla and toffee flavour) and since the first drop I was in love! Whilst I waited for my order to arrive, Team Rocky allowed me to choose 4 other flavours and I went with chocolate, mocha, chocolate peanutbutter and maple syrup! I just signed up for the GymQueen Newsletter powered by Rockysportnahrung, because I really like their team as they do care about there ‚buyers‘. 😀 Now I want to tell you something about these little beauties! I hope you enjoy the review! 🙂

2015-07-06 11.57.08

MyProtein Flav drops are calorie free, vegan, liquid flavoured sweeteners which are ideal to use eg. in coffee, oatmeal, smoothie and so on. They contain Artificial Flavouring, Sucralose and Colour. Each bottle provides a serving of minimum 100 servings, it depends on how much you use everytime. The bottle says 7-10 drops per meal or drink, but I sometimes just use 3-5. It really depends on how sweet you like it! But you should use over 20 drops per meal/drink!

2015-07-06 11.58.54

Let me tell you something about every flavour:


As you can probably see in the picture I use the chocolate flavoured Flav Drops the most! They taste perfect with everytime! I always add them to my oatmeal, fake milk rice (just cottage cheese, curd, yoghurt, cacao and 3-5 Flav Drops (thanks Celine ;*), cookies or cake! They don’t substitute cacao, but I like different chocolate taste. It’s even perfect in combination with mashed banana in oatmeal! Mhh…. But it’s even better to add some in plain curd and put the curd on your hot oatmeal then! You need to try it! It’s awesome!


Maple Syrup:

I like this one the most on cappucino and overnight oats. It tasted a bitte caramely in my opinion, but still different than the toffee flavoured ones! For the cappuccino just heat up some (soy-) milk, add 3 Flav Drops, stir well and put the milk into your coffee. It tastes amazing, I swear! I even used them for my vegan apple-cinnamon pancakes, because I thought apple and maple syrup is a great combination!



Curd (or plain yoghurt) + Banana + Mocha Flav Drops = PERFECTION! This is what I eat EVERY evening together with a Questbar! I love the taste of this flavour! I even already used it for creating a healthy tiramisu and I suceeded! It was even better than the regular, ‚un‘ healthy one! Today I had tiramisu flavoured oatmeal with some drops of this goodieness and it was to die for! I even thought about  eating a second bowl even though I ws already stuffed! ;D This flavour is perfect for coffee lovers!

2015-05-23 20.10.28

Chocolate Peanutbutter:

To be honest, this is the only flavour I didn’t feel in love with. Like it’s okay, but I wouldn’t buy it again! I barely use it in my food, but I sometimes add some drops in my overnight oats or baked oatmeal if I top them with peanutbutter and banana in the morning. This is the only way I like them a lot! My brother likes this flavour, so we will definitely get that bottle empty! 😉 I don’t think this flavour is that chocolatey. I imagined it more chocolatey than peanutbuttery! I LOVE peanutbutter, but regular pb tastes so much different than this!


To answer the question in the title: YES THEY ARE! In my opinion they are a perfect substitute to sugary flavouring or syrups.. You only need a few drops, but it tastes like to added a lot to you mel/drink! That’s great, I think! One bottle costs 5,25 Euros at Rockysportnahrung and that’s a really good price! I really often saw some shops selling them for 6 Euros minimum and that’s definitely to much!

Have a great day veryone,

Svenja xx


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